Set of woodturning chisels for woodcarving and linocut

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Graving chisels PROFI are handmade tools of the highest quality, designed especially for proffessional carvers.
The Blades are made of Chrome-Vanadium tool steel and heat treated to the hardness of 61-62
 HRc. The edges are sharpened and lapped with abrasive paste and arkansas stone. 


1x Graving Chisel - Skew Double-Sided 8 mm (
0.3150 inch)
1x Graving Chisel – Flat 4mm (0.1575 inch)
1x Graving Chisel - Gauge 1 mm (0.0394 inch)
1x Graving Chisel - Gauge 3 mm (0.1182 inch)
1x Graving Chisel - Gauge 6 mm (0.2363 inch)
1x Graving Chisel - Gauge 8 mm (0.3150 inch)
1x Graving Chisel - Angular 3 mm (0.1182 inch)
1x Graving Chisel - Hollow Out 6 mm (0.2363 inch)


  • Ideal tools for woodcutting and linocut cutting - quality tools from NAREX
  • The blades are made of chrome-vanadium steel and are heat-treated with 61-62 HRc
  • With ergonomic wooden handle in 'mushroom shape' from stained beech.
  • This makes the handle perfectly handy and provides a very good force transmission.
  • The underside of the wooden handles is flattened so that the chisels for example. Can not roll away.
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