Narex Bevel Edge Chisel Set + Narex Brass Carving Mallet

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High quality chisel set from Narex with a brass carving mallet.

The blades are made of Chrome Manganese (Cr-Mn) steel and guarantee the highest cutting edge.
They were heat-treated, have a hardness of 59 HRc

The ergonomic handles are made of stained beech.

Details of the Brass carving mallet:

- Working part diameter: 40 mm (
1.5749 inch)
- Handle size: 36 x 118 mm (1.4174 x 4.6457 inch)
- Total lenght of the mallet: 170 mm (6.6930 inc)
- Handle: stained hornbeam wood
- Brass striking face, safety pin for secure mounting of the brass fac

The brass carving mallet increases efficiency of the stroke on the chisels while saving energy.
The heavy brass head does not bounce back, so the full energy put into the blow is used. Compared to bigger mallets there is no need of a swing of an arm, only a slight pivot strike of the wrist.

Content of the chisel set: 

Blade width 6 mm (0.2363 inch)
Blade length: 120 mm (4.7245 inch)  
Total length: 258 mm (10.1575 inch)

Blade width 10 mm (0.3938 inch)
Blade length: 124 mm (4.8819 inch)
Total length: 262 mm (10.3150 inch)

Blade width 12 mm (0.4725 inch)
Blade length: 126 mm (4.9607 inch)
Total length: 264 mm (10.3938 inch)

Blade width 16 mm (0.630 inch)
Blade length: 130 mm (5.1182 inch)
Total length: 270 mm (10.6299 inch)

Blade width 20 mm (0.7875 inch)
Blade length: 134 mm (5.2756 inch)
Total length: 274 mm (10.7874 inch)

Blade width 26 mm (1.0237 inch)
Blade length: 140 mm (5.5119 inch)
Total length: 280 mm (11.0237 inch)

  • Blades: forged from highly alloyed Cr-Mn steel, heat treated up to 59 HRc
  • fully ground and sharpened
  • meet DIN 5139 requirements
  • Handle: ergonomic with oval cross-section
  • stained and waxed, with steel ferrule and hoop
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